• Covid - 19 News: India: TotalCases: 1,58,323; Recovered: 67,692 ; Deceased: 4,531; Telangana: TotalCases: 2,256; Recovered: 1,345 ; Deceased: 67.
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Telangana Martyrs

Venu Gopal Reddy
: 01-09-1976
About : Venu Gopal Reddy
Narayana Ramkote
: 04-01-1954
About : Narayana, Ramkote
: 05-12-1961
About : IMAMPUR (MEDAK): A 23-year-old youthwas found hanging from a tree in Imampur village in Medak district's Toopran mandal on Wednesday morning in what appears to be yet another suicide in support of the separate Telangana cause.
Sarva Reddy
: 09-03-1949
About : The eldest son of Mr.Pasham Vengal Reddy of cherlapally, Mahaboob Nagar District, died in the same incident, in which Mr.Prakash Kumar involved incident of Jamai Osmania Railway Station on 28th March, 1969 He completed his P U C in Gadwal, Mahboob Na...