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Traffic stopper and fury on the roads

eTelangana.org | Published: 2nd December 2019 | Posted Date: Monday 2nd December 2019 06:55 PM

Toxic air pollution in the area around Shilparamam

Dear Readers, We at Deccan Chronicle request you to kindly send all your complaints, issues, grievances, feedback and suggestions to our government and all its departments by writing to Speak Out, the voice of the people, to our new email ID -  DCSpeakOut@gmail.com. Looking forward to reading your letters to this new ID only.

We have started a petiton against pollution in Hitec City
I am a resident of Hitec City area, and there is a serious issue of toxic air pollution in the area around Shilparamam and Hitex. I am writing to you as, through your newspaper, I would like to bring to the notice of the concerned authorities how big and serious this issue is and how the health of the Hitec City area residents and employees is at risk. This week an online sign-in petition was started on http://chng.it/qjvQBDfZ.
— Chetana Jain, Hitec City


Eat Street at Tarnaka
Come evening, you will see close to 20 food stalls operating out of cars and trucks, selling everything from idlis to shawarma to biryani and badam shake, right on the Inner Ring Road between Mettuguda and Tarnaka. While the roads are wide, customers occupy at least three lanes, parking their vehicles in a haphazard manner and creating traffic deadlocks. Adding to the confusion is the U-turn nearby. One is not sure if these eateries have taken approval from any authority or whether the department concerned has named this stretch as the ‘Eat Street of Hyderabad’. Who does hygiene checks of these outlets, who takes the blame if any accident happens due to the traffic chaos?
— Pradeep Kumar

Cell network on the blink
From October 6, we have been unable to make calls to any network from our locality from Airtel. I lodged a complaint (320104382032) informing them of the problem in Nawab Sahab Kunta, St Ann’s Hospital, Acchi Reddy Nagar, Yetru Colony, Bibi Ka Chashma, Teegal Kunta, Mustafa Naga, Saleheen Colony, Jahanuma and Tadban Khaja Pahadi Kalapather. I was assured the matter would be solved but even after the lapse of long days no action has been initiated.
— Ghouse Khan, Nawab Sahab Kunta

DEMU train cancelled
DEMU Train 77609 which runs between Falaknuma and Manoharabad stations is available on weekdays except Thursdays and is scheduled to run at 10.15 am. But it has been noticed that this train is mostly cancelled due to which the passengers, mostly government employees, are facing a lot of hardships. I request the railway authorities to run the DEMU train regularly.
— Syed Mubashir Mehdi, Chanchalguda.

No higher interest for seniors at UBI
I am a Central government pensioner. I deposited `2 lakh in a one-year fixed deposit with UBI on November 18, 2017. I approached UBI the Kandikal branch for renewal for another year at the existing rate for senior citizens but the officials refused to pay the additional 0.50 interest. This has been taken to the notice of the higher authorities but my concern has not been addressed.  It's my humble request to the authorities to consider my request with a sense of responsibility and do the needful.
— Asha Kiran Srivastava, Lal Darwaza.

Mosquito breeding in Barkatpura
The number of mosquitoes is increasing again in Barkatpura in areas located adjacent to the Musi. Immediate fogging is required at least twice a week, especially at Bus Depot Lane, adjacent Masjid Lane and at the Quarters Park, which are part of the green belt, to prevent mosquitoes from breeding and spreading disease.
— T. Kailash Ditya, Barkatpura

Trimulgherry power trips

There has been continuous electricity fluctuations since a week, and the officials have not take action despite our complaints. Our gadgets and devices have stopped working due to the invertor fluctuations. We want the electricity department to look into this issue as soon as possible.
— Sumana Kasturi, Trimulgherry

1 Ramanthapur lane has SW drain
A few years back, the GHMC laid stormwater drains in Ramanthapur from the lane opposite the Rajiv Gandhi statue up to the Satyanarayana temple in the bylanes except the one on the third left. The open drain in this lane has been filled by debris by all residents after the underground drainage system was provided. Almost all houses abutting the drain have reconstructed, duly raising the basement height, but I have do so. As a result of this when it rains the water enters my premises and results in the submergence of my sump motor. The distance lane is hardly 200 metres. The authorities are requested through SpeakOut column to provide a stormwater drain pipeline this bylane.
— Vishwanath Pandit, Ramanthapur


Mettuguda tree has grown around electricity pole
I am writing to you regarding the garbage thrown by the apartment near Muncipal Office, Mettuguda, near Tulja Bhavani Apartments from the past month. The GHMC has not made an attempt to clear the area nor has posted a notice not to dump trash. Secondly  the electricity pole is surrounded by a wild tree which can fall any time. Despite many complaints, TS Transco has not come to move the pole nor otherwise prune the tree.
— Raymond Michael Edward, Mettuguda


Check the autos at Yousufguda checkpost
I am writing to you with regard to the daily struggle of people who pass through the already busy Yousufguda checkpost have to face due to the autorickshaws parked right at the junction between 7.45 and 9 am. The volume of traffic is huge as there are quite a few school and college buses, cars and bikes proceeding towards Jubilee Hills. The Yousufguda Metro Rail station is located 100 metres away. Often one can find autorickshaws parked in two rows on either side of the narrow road — that too at the intersection  This is the sole cause for traffic jams and road rage has become a common feature. I request the police to take immediate action in order to spare the residents, commuters and the general public the discomfort and stress early in the morning. Hope this problem will be solved at the earliest.
— J. Michael Preetham, St Mary's College


Vacant plot at Doodhbowli turns into a huge garbage dump
I am writing with regard to garbage dumping in a vacant plot near my house in Doodhbowli. There is a school nearby, the students have to walk through the dump to reach the school. I have lodged many complaints on the GHMC website but the place has not been cleaned. There are no proper dustbins in the area. This has caused health problems for my children as well as the school students. I request the authorities concerned to look into the matter.
— Abu Anas, Doodhbowli


At Manasarovar, the road is truly the pits
I have been staying at Mansarovar Heights Phase 2 since April but have travelling on the road alongside for long. All these years, I have never seen this road clean. The very narrow road is always wet with drain water. People from a basti opp MSB School defeacate near the trees opposite. A nala passes nearby, which overflows during the rains and brings all the muck on to the road. During the rains of October, the car of a resident was washed away in the nala. Opposite MSB School is a crematorium and along its boundaries is a big pile of garbage which smells horribly and is infested by dogs and pigs. The animals routinely run on the roads and cause accidents. The road is so narrow that two vehicles cannot cross each other comfortably. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeps talking of Swacch Bharat, why is no attention given to the stretch by the GHMC staff.
— Sarah Dhinojwala, Mansarovar Heights


On Hitec road, a low-tech menace
This is a picture of stray cattle on the JNTU-Hitec City flyover road.  The authorities are requested to ensure that domestic animals do not cause traffic jams on what is already a very busy road.
— Sandeep Kanchalwar, Hitec City


Important Nadergul road has been cruelly ignored
The attached photograph shows just a small portion of the road which connects the main road towards Nadergul. It starts from the compound wall of the MVSR Engineering College and Kamaguda, Spoorthy Engineering College and Gnanodaya High School are on the way. There are also many housing colonies. The road is used by engineering college and buses, but is in a dilapidated condition. Riding on this road is a nightmare. The road is quite small and it will not take a lot of money to top it with bitumen. Minister Sabitha Indra Reddy, the local MLA, and the authorities concerned should look into this request to repair this stretch of road which becomes worst during monsoon season.
— C.P.K. Dasan, Nadergul


Garbage in Chilkalguda plot, GHMC burns it
Through your newspaper, I would like to draw attention towards the unhygienic conditions prevalent in Chilkalguda. I reside in H. No. 11-4-336, Chilkalguda. Just beside our house is an empty plot of land which is home for all kinds of garbage and rodents since more than 20 years. People in the neighborhood dump domestic garbage including diapers filled with faeces, waste plastic, old toilet pots, old furniture etc. Our requests to our neighbours to desist turn into arguments. Every now and then, the GHMC staff burns the garbage which leads to air pollution, and there are senior citizens with respiratory and cardiac problems living in our building. I think the residents and the GHMC are equally responsible for this but I feel that if the GHMC takes the initiative to clean up the mess, people living here will feel encouraged to maintain cleanliness.
— Dr Habeeba, Chilkalguda


Humayunnagar road is beyond the tolerable
I am a resident of Humayunnagar, Mehdipatnam. The lanes and bylanes are extremely uneven and bumpy, it's just not tolerable. The footpaths are encroached by schools, buses, huge rocks and other things. It's very difficult to even walk on the road. I hope DC will help me in getting our complaints redressed.
— Mehveen Fatima, Humayunnagar


Nightmare at Tolichowki flyover
I  travel daily from Banjara Hills to Tolichowki. I have to take U-turn underneath the flyover at Tolichowki. Autorickshaws are parked on the road and cause traffic jams. Below the flyover the roads are in the worst conditions. Most people drive in the wrong direction. Additionally, vehicles are parked haphazardly. This makes driving risky. The authorities are requested to take action.
— Naveen, Hyderabad

Sunday market at Manikonda stinks
A Sunday market takes place on the Manikonda-Pullaguda Pipeline Road. This is causing lot of inconvenience to the people residing in this area. The vendors occupy more than half of the road, they are very rude and do not move their carts when vehicles are moving. Even buses ply on this road and get stuck. There is  a traffic jam every Sunday for hours. There is no one to monitor the traffic. Even if they post a traffic constable, it doesn't help. This is the only proper connecting road from Manikonda to Shaikpet-Hitec City area. The vendors start occupying the roads from noon and stay until midnight. They leave a lot of garbage on the roads and the area turns into an eyesore next day. It stinks and might cause major health hazards. I request the authorities to stop this market completely or move it to a different area at least change the timings to the morning hours.
— Swathi Reddy, Manikonda

ACT customercare service substandard
Our annual `12,390 subscription with ACT started in March for a 100-mbps connection. On average, the download speed is only 50 mbps and upload is 48 mbps. In nine months, we have had problems thrice (May 22, September 2 and November 19). Each time the problem was set right only after a delay of 5-7 days, which has caused us a lot of inconvenience since we depend totally on Wi-Fi. ACT Fibrenet team leader Ravinder Reddy’s attitude is pathetic: The team never visits the subscriber’s residence to check the problem but notifies the office that they are already working on it. Calling customer care is very unsatisfactory as you get standard responses from the operators. When we request to be connected to the Supervisors, nobody comes on line nor do they return our calls. We are very frustrated and feel helpless because we have paid for the whole year and have to suffer poor quality of services by ACT.
— Mohan Raj, Raghavendra Nagar, Sainikpuri.

Mallepally function hall shatters peace
I am a resident of Old Asifnagar police station road, Mallepally. The Ameena Palace function hall near my house is operational almost 24 hours of the day, and the band is at its loudest now. How can residents of the area stay in peace. We also have a hospital nearby. I cannot understand how the government permits a function hall in a residential area. I request the authorities to look into this
— Farhan, Mallepally

Syndicate Bank, fix Bolaram issues
I would like to bring to the notice of  Syndicate Bank to take cognisance of the functioning of its Bolaram branch, which is one of the oldest branches in the Cantonment area, but it has also been the most neglected one. I wonder why. Pensioners have their accounts here, as do people who work in Secun-derabad Cantonment Board. The politeness of the branch manager is a blessing in disguise for the higher authorities who are least bothered to provide enough staff and proper systems to ensure the smooth functioning of the only nationalised bank in Sadar Bazaar area. Account holders have to visit the bank at least twice for any small work, even if it is withdrawal of cash, updating passbook or depositing cheques. The reason: The staff crunch or because systems out of order.  I urge that the authorities put things in place
— Deepesh Surana, Sadar Bazaar, Bolaram

Dustbin placed in middle of the road
A dustbin has been placed in middle of the road near Madina Medical Hall Lane in Saidabad. We had given many complaints but the GHMC has not taken any action. The whole area is untidy. This creates an unhealthy environments for residents and those passing by. The GHMC should take action.
— Sohan Lal, Saidabad


Anrich roads not repaired for 8 years
I would like to bring to your notice the condition of the roads in the Bolaram-Anrich industrial area (Address-74-B/1, Anrich industrial estate, Bolaram, Sangareddy district). There has been no maintenance of roads and streetlights for the past eight years. The picture is taken outside our factory and shows how difficult it is to travel, especially at night. Several requests to the authorities have gone to deaf ears as there is no significant action taken till today. This is only the tip of the iceberg.the industrial area is full of such craters.
— Manoj Chawda, Srivilas Hydrotech


Drain near school leaking for 8 months
I am sending photographs of sewage that comes out from drains on Street No. 8, Bank Colony, opposite Alphabetz School. We are facing a lot of trouble when we are going to drop our kids at the school. This problem has been persisting for six months. I request the GHMC to solve this problem.
— Ehsan Raza, Chintal


Saidabad road dustbin spreads unhappiness
A dustbin has been placed in middle of the road near Madina Medical Hall Lane in Saidabad. We had given many complaints but the GHMC has not taken any action. The whole area is untidy. This creates an unhealthy environments for residents and those passing by. The GHMC should take action.
— Sohan Lal, Saidabad


At Paris Corner, the stench is that of urine
One cannot cross this spot at Narayanguda without putting their handkerchief to their nose! The area stinks with the worst possible smell. In spite of a paid urinal (which is very badly maintained) the public freely urinates on the open street. Through Deccan Chronicle I would request GHMC to take the needful action and convert this corner in reality to Paris Corner of Narayanguda.
— Rajeev Deshmukh, Narayanguda


Loose wires are dangerous, someone may just get killed!
Kids are trying to remove kites stuck on the wires. I complained to fix the electricity department and asked them to the loose wires into bunch cables. The Attapur assistant engineer says this exercise will cost `2.5 lakh. I gave the official a letter signed by Bahadurpura MLA Mozam Khan but the official says the cost has to be paid for the conversion.
— Dekhi, Hyderabad

JH Butterfly Park is in a mess
I am a resident of Jubilee Hills and regularly walk at the Butterfly Park on Road No. 25. For the past year, this beautiful park is not being properly maintained. There is a lot of rubble, stones and broken branches on both sides of the walking track. Recently garbage and plastic sheets were being dumped by nearby offices and VIP staff. A lot of trees have been pruned under the power lines. There is no security here and no lighting at nights. The borewell is under repair for six months. I request the government to keep a separate agency for maintenance of parks which will regularly prune trees.
— Praveen  Reddy, Jubilee Hills.


Mylargadda lets water go waste
I am a resident of the area near Ganesh temple at Mylargadda. There are many apartments and independent houses which are wasting drinking water. Residents are leaving the taps open and this is leading to the drinking water overflowing wastefully on to the road. I request the residents not to do this, and the Water Board to take action
— Srikanth Dubey, Mylargadda


Danger ride on Trimulgherry rd
There is a dangerous pothole close to the CDM House Circle on RA Lines Road in the Trimulgherry military area. This pothole cropped up during the monsoon in September and several bikers have been injured since then. Complaints were made to the SCB regarding this but they have simply been ignored. I urge you to publish this in the Speak Out column so that the concerned authorities will take note of this issue.
— Dr Sudhir Mane, Sainikpuri


Road is so bad at Suncity, girl broke her hand
I’d like to bring to your notice the pathetic condition of the road in our colony at Bandlaguda, Hydershakote, Suncity. This road has never been constructed. There are huge stones due to which it is difficult to ride a two-wheeler and the road is too steep. Repeated requests to the authorities concerned have evoked no action. Recently a girl suffered a fracture on her hand when she fell off her bike due to the bad road condtion. I request the authorities to lay a new road before disaster strikes.
— Atiya, Suncity



Lockdown further eased in Telangana

All shops, except malls in city to open from today; KCR calls for austerity measures as lockdown hits revenues

Telangana records biggest single-day spurt of corona cases

With 107 new cases reported, the state breaks the 2000 mark

Telangana: Boy who slipped into borewell dead

The hope of parents, relatives and officials seeing the boy home alive is dashed.Though an NDRF led team carried out a rescue operation to save the boy proved to be a futile effort.

Telangana leads in paddy procurement

Telangana contributed more than half (63 per cent) of total paddy procured in Yasangi this year and the remaining 37 per cent paddy was procured from all other States put together.

Telangana government staff to get half pay this month too

In May, the government's revenues have been a mere Rs 3,100 crore, which includes the state’s share of Rs 982 crore in central taxes

Leopard caught in wire snare at Rajapet thanda in Nalgonda

The locals found on Thursday morning that a leopard was struck in a wire snare loop ,which was present near a fencing laid to an open land by its owner

All shops to be open in Telangana, no lockdown extension likely

Malls, cinema theatres, function halls will remain closed nevertheless

Kaleshwaram project, the pride of Telangana

Kaleshwaram project, the pride of Telangana

IMD cancels heatwave warning for Telangana

However, the respite is for only a few days

No need to panic about virus: KCR

Advises people to remain cautious as spread is not on alarming scale despite relaxing lockdown curbs

TS Wakf Board to take action against graveyards for denying burial

On Wednesday, TS Wakf Board chairman Mohammed Saleem said they will issue notices to the concerned caretakers of the graveyard

KCR to perform Chandi Yagam to mark inauguration of Pochamma Sagar

At 4 am on Friday, Chandi Yagam will be performed in Konda Pochamma temple and Sudarshan Yagam at Konda Pochamma Sagar pump house simultaneously.

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