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In Hyderabad, your biryani may have rotten meat | Published: 17th February 2017 | Posted Date: Friday 17th February 2017 07:21 PM

Hyderabad: Health inspectors from the Malkajgiri division of the GHMC imposed a penalty of Rs 10,000 on the restaurant Green Bawarchi restaurant in Mirjalguda for storing decomposed meat and for the unhygienic condition of the premises. The officers also told Swagath Grand Hotel in Malkajgiri to procure stamped meat only from the Bhoiguda slaughterhouse.

The owner of Ghani mutton shop will also be prosecuted under section 548, 596 of the GHMC Act 1955 for procuring meat from an illegal source. During a surprise raid at Green Bawarchi, civic officials found decomposed meat, stored for over 10 days, being used in the biryani. The meat storage area too was dirty.


“The meat was smelling and unhygienic. Instead of disposing of the decomposed stock, the management was using the meat in the biryani. It was stored for over 10-15 days, when the maximum duration should be one week,” said deputy commissioner, Malkajgiri, Mohan Reddy. He said the kitchen and storage areas were in bad shape and the fine imposed was for serving spoilt meat.

“At Swagath Grand, we found the slaughter house seal and asked them to continue purchasing from approved slaughterers,” he said. The Ghani mutton shop in Malkajgiri was buying meant from private sources, without the GHMC seal. It is mandatory for butchers to purchase meat from slaughter houses only.

Many Hyderabad meat shops selling stale meat
Poultry and meat sold in shops in the city should be carefully checked by customers before buying as its provenance is often unknown. Many restaurants buy their meat from these shops rather than from GHMC approved slaughterhouses.

If the shop has not been able to sell its stock to hotels, it is put up for sale in the shop. This is not fresh meat, but could be more than 10 to 15 days old.

Restaurants find it time consuming to buy meat from slaughterhouses, so they tie up with the shops for daily or weekly supply. There is no certainty that these shops buy the meat from GHMC approved outlets. Many have been booked for procuring meat from private sources.

Food inspector Srinivas Reddy of the GHMC’s Malkajgiri division said, “The meat store owner should have a receipt from the Chengicherla, Amberpet or Bhoiguda slaughterhouses. Usua-lly, the seal mark can be seen on any of the legs of the carcass. In case of doubt, the buyer should ask for the receipt from the slaughterhouse.”




Upload photos of drivers, gardeners, cooks on Hawkeye, says Hyderabad police

The Hyderabad police and She Teams are insisting that women who have downloaded the Hawkeye app must upload pictures and contact numbers of co-workers, cabs and residences through the app as a safety measure.

Unemployment rally: Police crackdown could hurt TRS in 2019

The TJAC may have failed to organise Wednesdays Unemployment Rally but the committee seems to have succeeded in realigning political forces against the TRS ahead of the 2019 Assembly elections.

Hyderabad: House owner who spied on female tenants held

Chatrinaka police arrested a 40-year-old man from Nalla Pochama in Chatrinaka on Wednesday for voyeurism.

Upload photos of drivers, gardeners, cooks on Hawkeye, says Hyderabad police

Delhi's famous Kake- da-Hotel at Connaught Place was raided on Wednesday after a video of its cook kneading dough using his feet went viral

Telangana explores MMTS, BRTS ride for Old City residents

The feasibility of linking the Old City via the Multi-Modal Transport System or Bus Rapid Transit System more effectively is being explored by the state government in view of opposition to having the Metro Rail system in this part of the city.

AP prepares to give Telangana its Secretariat buildings

Going by recent developments, the AP government is preparing to hand over its Secretariat buildings in Hyderabad to TS.

Tirumala visit: Prayed for both AP, Telangana, says K Chandrasekhar Rao

Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao and his entourage offered prayers at Tirumala on Wednesday.

Telangana minister Pocharam Srinivas falls ill soon after Tirumala temple visit

Telangana states minister for agriculture, Pocharam Srinivas, was rushed to a hospital in Tirumala after he fell ill soon after the darshan on Wednesday.

K Chandrasekhar Rao gives Rs 5.59 crore gold to Tirumala

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao on Wednesday offered gold ornaments worth Rs 5.59 crore to Lord Venkateswara of Tirumala temple, drawing criticism from the Opposition that questioned how public money can be spent for fulfilling his personal vows.

Unemployment rally: Hyderabad police break door to arrest professor Kodandaram

A team of police officers from East Zone broke down the front door of the house of TJAC leader Prof. Kodandaram in the early hours of Wednesday and forcibly entered his house to arrest him and his 20-odd associates.

Unemployment rally: Hyderabad police foil old strategy

TJAC leaders, who later reviewed what had gone wrong on Wednesday, realised that repeating the same 2011 strategy for the unemployment rally had been a mistake.

Hyderabad: Now, diabetic students can snack in exam

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will allow its students suffering from Type-1 diabetes and appearing for board exams for the Class X and Class XII to carry eatables while coming to examination centres.

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