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Open trenches a hazard this monsoon | Published: 19th July 2017 | Posted Date: Wednesday 19th July 2017 06:11 PM

alkajgiri. Commuters have begun to refrain from taking the main roads because they fear uncovered trenches, especially during the rains.  

A Maruti-800 got stuck in a trench dug by L&T in Sainikpuri, and a Honda City car sunk in wet soil in the same area. During the rains, commuters find it difficult to negotiate the roads and end up falling into unbarricaded, uncemented trenches.

Shyam Sunder from Alwal said, “Recently the contractor dug roads in the colony for a water pipeline, but he didn’t cement it. Tuesday’s rain washed away the mud and left deep trenches in the middle of the road. Because of trenches on the main road, vehicles are taking our colony roads to reach the last bus stop of Venkatapuram. Internal roads have become heavy with traffic. There have been many cases of vehicles getting damaged.” 

Shiv Ram from S.R. Nagar said, “Both sides of the road are being dug up at S.R. Nagar Lane No. 16, for repairs. This has been the case for over 15 days. Residents find it difficult to travel through this route.” 

The GHMC has issued a series of notices, including caution notices for citizens. L&T and the Metro Water Boards, have been exempted from the list of companies prohibited from digging during the monsoons, and are carrying out works in Kapra Circle, Anand Bagh in Malakajgiri, and Venkatapuram in Alwal. Dr B. Janardhan Reddy, GHMC Commissioner orders are following:

All dilapidated buildings to be issued notices to take action against weak structures. Residents should vacate dangerous structures and caution notices to be pasted at the site.

Special attention to old compound walls, government schools. Vacation of school premises should be coordinated.

Persons living on slopes have been advised to vacate if needed.
Cellar excavation and digging not allowed until the end of the monsoon.





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The residents are forced to drive through narrow bylanes, often choked with traffic all through the day.

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