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Telangana: Diesel buses continue to dirty air | Published: 7th November 2017 | Posted Date: Tuesday 7th November 2017 06:49 PM

Air quality of Hyderabad will not improve if vehicular pollution by buses is not controlled, said the Pollution Control Board.

HYDERABAD: Air quality of Hyderabad will not improve if vehicular pollution by buses is not controlled, said the Pollution Control Board. P. Veeranna, a senior scientist from PCB, said, “Diesel-run buses pollute more as they emit more particulate matter compared with the vehicles run on petrol. They also release more sulfur dioxide and NOx, which is nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide.”

The emission of such harmful gases can be controlled with unadulterated fuel and engine compression. “Most of the city buses have crossed their lifespan. Their emission units need to be refitted or modified based on the new technology. Most of these city buses show an increase in particulate matter emitted due to old filters,” said a PCB official. Due to a surge in complaints and tweets to K. T. Rama Rao, minister of municipal administration and urban development, on pollution caused by city buses, the minister has assured that he would take it up with the road transport authority.

“Black-coloured smoke contains more particulate matter. The reason for the same is the age of the vehicle which has affected the emission system that causes incomplete combustion of fuel,” added Mr Veeranna. Many tweets complained about long-distance buses running during the night emitting a lot of smoke. Many citizens have said that when a diesel bus passes their way, it is difficult to breathe. Medical experts said that emission by diesel buses is harmful as nicotine as it contains carbon monoxide, sulphur and nitrogen. Praveen Babu, a pulmonologist, said, “There should be constant check on school buses as the particulate matter enters kids’ lungs, which can cause asthma and bronchitis.”

While the government passed an order, stating that vehicles, which are more than 15 years old, had to remodel their emission systems, the rule is yet to be fully implemented. “We have tried to ensure that buses remodel their emission systems. However, not many have come forward,” said an RTC official.




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