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Kodandaram must float a party: TRS | Published: 6th December 2017 | Posted Date: Wednesday 6th December 2017 07:41 PM

Hyderabad: Leaders of the TRS on Tuesday asked M. Kodandaram, the chairman of the Telangana Joint Action Committee (TJAC), to launch a political party and take them on instead of shadow-boxing by organising meetings with other leaders of the Opposition.

Pedapalli MP Balka Suman and Government Whip Palla Rajeswara Reddy said that Mr Kodandaram, through his stale meetings and rhetoric speeches, would not be able to divert the attention of Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao from his mission to develop Telangana.

They said that if Mr Kodandaram wanted to expose failures of the government, he was welcome to do so after launching a political party, instead of taking shelter under the wing of some Opposition party or the other.

The TRS leaders said that Mr Kodandaram had intentionally spread false information regarding the cause of Osmania University student Murali’s suicide. 

Mr Rajeswara Reddy said that Murali did not have a B.Ed degree or a D.Ed, so he was ineligible to appear for the DSC examination, but Mr Kodandaram had deliberately misrepresented the facts at the Koluvula kai Kotlata meeting by saying that Murali was preparing for the DSC exam.

Mr Suman said that despite the Congress leaders and AICC president Sonia Gandhi having conducted a whirlwind campaign in Telangana, claiming responsibility for granting the people statehood, people had placed their confidence in Mr Chandrasekhar Rao and given him the power to rule over the new state.

He asked leaders of the Congress to provide evidence to support their claims that recruitment was done must faster, and more efficiently, in states other than Telangana. 

Alleging that the Koluvula kai Kotlata meeting had turned out to be a dud due to the low turnout of students, Mr Suman said that Mr Kodandaram was trying to align with the Congress.



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