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Kondapur murder: Bingee hailed from very poor family | Published: 14th February 2018 | Posted Date: Wednesday 14th February 2018 06:43 PM

Hyderabad: Bingee belonged to a very poor family, so impoverished that her family doesn’t even have a photograph of her, except a portrait ‘parley’ picture given to them by the Cyberabad Police.

Bingee had left her first husband and married one Vikas Kashyap. Since October 2017, her family has no clue as to her whereabouts. On January 27, Mamatha and Vikas killed Bingee, while her son Jatin was fast asleep.

Jatin told cops that though he was asleep, he heard some noise and disturbances, but dismissed them as a regular argument.  By the time he woke up, he saw his mother’s  body and was told that she was not well and resting. Later, after dumping her body, they told him that she was admitted in the hospital.

Thirteen years ago, Bingee married  Dinesh UP and had three children  — Dev, Jatin and Nandini. Due to marital discord, she left her husband and walked out along with her younger son Jatin. 

She later developed intimacy with Vikas Kashyap. Meanwhile, Mamatha, who is also from the same village, grew ‘close’ to Vikas.

Wanting to dump Bingee from Vikas’s life, Mamatha sent him to Hyderabad to her son Amarkanth, who was already working here. Even while working in Bihar, Vikas was giving his earnings to Mamatha instead of Bingee. 

A few months later, Mamatha and her husband Anil Jha also moved to Hyderabad and all four of them were residing in a rented house. Bingee came to Hyderabad along with her son Jatin.




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