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Empty alcohol calories can aggravate diabetes | Published: 16th May 2018 | Posted Date: Wednesday 16th May 2018 06:11 PM

Alcohol makes the blood glucose levels to drop and this is found to happen for 12 hours after the drink. Hence diabetic patients have to check their blood glucose levels.  

Hyderabad: Alcohol provides 7 kcal per mg according to the guidelines released by Indian Council of Medical Research for managing diabetes and those who are consuming these empty calories are risking themselves as it causes fatty liver and worsens blood glucose levels. 

The consumption of alcohol for those suffering from diabetes is included in the guidelines as these empty calories when taken in fasting state lead to hypoglycaemia.

With the burden of diabetes touching 72.9 million people in India according to International Diabetes Federation, the rising numbers require a set of strict guidelines in terms of food or calorie consumption, treatment and also prevention. 

With the projected numbers to touch 134.3 million by 2045 and the younger generation to suffer from the disease burden there have been protocols issued to get blood glucose tests carried out for those in 30’s. 

The guidelines state that screening asymptomatic individuals for prediabetic stage with random blood tests is important if they are overweight or obese and first degree relative of the family having a history of diabetes. 

The calorie distribution is 55 to 60 per cent of energy from complex carbohydrates, 12 to 15 per cent proteins and remaining should be from fats for the total energy required by the body. Dr G. Srinivas, senior diabetologist explained, “Proteins include pulses, soy, grams, peas, low fat dairy, fish and lean meats are recommended. The reason alcohol has been mentioned in the guidelines is because many of them are found to consume it despite being heavily diabetic and that adds to the complications. Also the Indian gene types develop insulin resistance as they have higher body and visceral fat, lower skeletal mass and short legs making them prone to metabolic syndrome. ”

Physical exercise is recommended for diabetics but they must have a carbohydrate snack before exercise so that the body is able to function properly. Dr G.H. Kishan, senior general physician explained, “Many of them have abdominal obesity and are advised to work towards reducing it as the control over the glucose levels can be achieved. It also helps to control visceral fat. Hence 150 minutes of activity five days in a week are recommended. They do aerobic activity and also opt for flexibility exercises.” 




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