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Harish Rao takes 12 shots at TPCC | Published: 10th October 2018 | Posted Date: Wednesday 10th October 2018 07:52 PM

Hyderabad: TS Irrigation Minister Mr T. Harish Rao has asked TPCC president Mr. N. Uttam Kumar Reddy about the kind of alliance made with Telangana Telugu Desam Party and whether it was conditional or not. Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Mr Harish Rao posed 12 questions to TPCC Chief Mr Uttam Kumar Reddy.

Mr Rao said that everyone knows how TD Chief Mr N. Chandrababu Naidu fought for united AP until the last moment. He asked after this how can any party that is interested in Telangana people’s welfare ever have anything to do with the TD or Mr Naidu. He said that he wanted the TPCC chief to clear the doubts and the fears of the people arising out of an alliance with the TD.



Secondly, Mr Rao asked the TPCC chief whether their alliance with the TD was based on conditions or was it just a shameless tie up. He said earlier TRS had entered into an alliance with the TD on conditions,but  TRS left after realising the role Mr Naidu played with the sentiments of people of Telangana. He added that even after Telangana State was formed Mr Naidu had adopted a negative attitude towards the state.

Mr Rao asked the TPCC chief whether the TD had announced a decision that it had moved away from this negative attitude and passed any resolution in its politburo to this effect. He asked Telangana Congress Chief whether Mr. Naidu had given any assurance that he had left his anti Telangana attitude. He also asked whether Naidu has said that the seven Mandals attached to AP would be returned back to Telangana.

The other questions asked by Harish Rao were whether Mr. Naidu had given any assurance that he would make changes in the design of Polavarm Project? Had Mr. Naidu said that he would withdraw the 30 letters written to the Centre opposing Palamuru project? Had Mr Naidu assured them of taking back the letters written to the Centre opposing Kaleswaram and Sitarama projects?

Mr. Harish Rao said that TRS was fighting for 45 TMC of water from Krishna waters and the same was opposed by Mr Naidu; he asked whether Mr. Naidu had changed his stand on this issue. He said that the people of Telangana would not welcome the alliance of the Congress and the TD. Harish Rao said that there was no TD in Telangana and Mr Naidu was coming back to Telangana in the guise of the Congress.

Mr Rao further asked if Mr Naidu felt sorry about opposing Mission Bhagiratha scheme. He asked the TPCC chief whether Mr Naidu had agreed not to go against the matters related to the division of High Court, division of public institutions, employees and others.

He said that Mahakutami was announced to prepare a common agenda and asked Mr Naidu to tell whether all these questions will be in the common agenda or not. He also asked whether Mr Uttam Kumar Reddy and Mr Naidu woulld sign in the common agenda.

Major questions

Q Has M. Naidu ended his anti-Telangana attitude?
Q Will Mr Naidu return the seven mandals attached to AP?
Q Will Mr Naidu change in the design of Polavarm project?
Q Will Mr Naidu withdraw the letters written to the Centre opposing Palamuru, Kaleswaram and Sitarama projects?
Q Has Mr Naidu changed his stand on TS share of Krishna waters?
Q Is Mr Naidu sorry about opposing Mission Bhagiratha?




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