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KCR busy with family issues, says JP Nadda | Published: 19th August 2019 | Posted Date: Monday 19th August 2019 07:25 PM

Hyderabad: BJP working president J.P. Nadda on Sunday alleged that the Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project and the greenery scheme, Haritha Haram, were big scams of the TRS regime.

Addressing a public meeting in the city, he said, “The Kaleshwaram project which was to cost Rs 30,000 crore has surprisingly increased to Rs 80,000 crore and still farmers have not received water in their fields as Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao promised. Haritha Haram was for green vegetation which is not visible on the ground.”

He said Mr Rao was “busy looking after and thinking about his family” and has “totally forgotten the people of Telangana who had supported and sa-crificed their lives in the Telangana movement.”

He said Mr Rao wants to demolish the Secretariat building because of Vaas-tu, and Central schemes like Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and Ayushman Bharat, “the world’s bigg-est health programme started under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi”, have not been adopted in the state.

He said in TS 26 lakh people could avail benefits under Ayushman Bharat but Mr Rao was not letting people use it.

Mr Nadda raised the issue of Liberation Day by praising people of the state who fought against the Razakars and gave credit to Sardar Vallabh-bhai Patel for forcing the Nizam to merge the state with India.

He said, “I feel fortunate that I have come to a land where a tribal leader sacrificed his life fighting against the Nizam’s government and his Razakar army. More than 40, 000 people sacrificed their lives and foiled the Nizam and his dirty ideology of being ‘anti-national’.”

He said, “A courageous decision of the abrogation of Article 370 taken by Prime Minister Modi and Amit Shah has brought rights to the people of Kashmir which are enjoyed by the public in other states. They will now get a chance to develop.”

Referring to the triple talaq Bill he said, “Our society has always been fighting with its addictions. Since long this addiction of triple talaq was going on. Modi government has finished the triple talaq addiction and has given right to live with respect to the Muslim women.”

Maintaining that the BJP is the party which could give a vision to the country, he said “we thank and respect the leaders and the people who joined the BJP and assure that together we will walk on the path of development.”



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