About eTelangana

The purpose of our site is to showcase the rich socio-cultural heritage of Telangana and increase the general awareness of the people about the region that they live in. We also intend to provide information about the various policies and initiatives of the government of Telangana, besides providing updated information about the latest developments occurring in the corridors of power. These efforts of our team are in line with the principle of transparency being followed by the present government of Telangana.
Besides featuring informative news articles, the site also contains an in-depth analysis of the socio-cultural and economic trends prevailing in the region. It also features the biographies of great personalities from Telangana and audio visual content related to their achievements.
Blessed with plenty of natural resources and skilled manpower, Telangana has always had the potential to be ahead of the nation in terms of socio-economic development and the intellectual capability of its residents. However, the region has never been able to reap the benefits of the riches that have been bestowed on it by a benign providence.
The team of eTelangana.org aims to essay a proactive role in directing the energy of the populace of Telangana towards achieving the lofty goals that its leaders have envisioned for the state. The information provided through our portal will help the users to think and act in a positive manner to achieve the goals that have eluded them so far.

Our Vision

The objective of our team at eTelangana.org is to facilitate the creation of a prosperous state of Telangana. This can be done by ensuring that all the residents of the state make a concerted effort to utilize the resources available in the state in the most productive manner possible.

Our Mission

The mission of www.eTelangana.org is to be a provider of information service, to uplift the region by providing people with the facts.