Kumari D. Renuka


Kumari D. Renuka, Chaderghat


Student of 6 th class in Govt. High School, Chaderghat, Daughter of Sri D. Lingaiah of Osmanpura, Hyderabad , was killed with three bullets in a row in the police firing on 3 rd June 1969, When the police opened fire more than a dozen times in Hyderabad to control the mob fury.

The only daughter of parents, Kumari Renuka has actively participated in Telangana moment from the beginning by under taking hunger strike, going to jail twice and offering herself to the bullets of police.

On the fateful day, Renuka was standing in front of her house and she was killed.

Eleven years old poor renuka! What is the sin she has committed.

Posted Date:18-06-2014
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