Narayana Ramkote


Narayana, Ramkote


Driver in Deccan Ayurvedic Pharmacy, son of Mr. Malllaiah of Ramkote , Hyderabad , died on 3 rd June 1969 in police firing when he was standing in the premises of his office as a simple on- looker.

Police had a very clear target when their bullet not only killed Mr. Naryana but pierced through Mr. David, a 16 years old boy and hit an electric pole, could not kill it as the same was life less.

The tragedy is narrated by his heart broken father, with full of tears in his eyes that police has not even given the dead body of his son. The police spaded away the dead body at the point of the gun and there the same in the police van and took away. Poor Mallaiah was not allow even to perform the last rights of his son

Posted Date:22-01-2014
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