Srinatha ( శ్రీనాథుడు)

Srinatha (1365-1441) was a well known 15th century Telugu poet who popularised the prabandha style of composition.

Biography :
Srinatha was born to Bhimamba and Marayya in 1370. Srinatha was respected as Kavi Sarvabhouma(King of poets) in Telugu, and patronised by many kings including the Kondavidu Reddys, Velamas of Rachakonda and Deva Raya 2 of Vijayanagara empire.. Srinatha worked as a minister in the court of Pedakomati Vemareddy of Kondaveedu. He managed to get his king released from captivity of the Lingamaneni rulers of Devarakanda in return for his literary prowess. Srinatha produced and dedicated a host of books to kings and enjoyed a luxurious life. However, he seemed to have suffered from poverty at the end of his life. He was the brother-in-law of another famous Telugu poet pothana.

works : 
Srinatha wrote Manucharitra, Salivahana Saptasati, Panditaaradhyacharita, Sivaratri Mahatyam, Harivilasa, Bhimakanda,Kashikhandam, Shringara Naishadham, Palanati Veeracharitra, Dhananjaya vijayam Sringaradipika and Kridabhiramam over the subjects of history and mythology. 

Prabandha can be described as a story in verse form with a tight metrical structure. Srinatha's Srungara Naishadhamu is a well-known example of the form. He is also credieted with hundreds of extempore poems called Chatuvulu in Telugu. 

Awards and titles.
He was widely regarded as the Kavi Sarvabhowma (The emperor among poets). He had broken the drum of Gouda Dimdimabhattu by his conversation.


N.T Rama rao made a bioscopic movie on Srinatha.

Posted Date:19-03-2014
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