Ande Sri(అoదే శ్రీ)

Ande Sri or Andesri (born on 18-07-1961) is an Indian poet and lyricist.He has won the Nandi award or Best lyric writer for the Bhojpuri film Ganga (2006).

Early life :
Ande Sri is from Rebarthi village near janagaon in Warangal District. His mother, for reasons unknown, left him on street after he was born. He grew up as an Orphan and did not have any formal education. He received an honorary doctorate from kakatiya university in 2008.

Career : 
Ande Sri worked as a shepherd at local landlords estate. He was picked up by Swami Shankar Maharaj associated with sringeri mutt after hearing him at his village and the guru would often say Ande Sri is a Brahmin in true sense and Brahmanism comes with knowledge and not by birth. Without any formal schooling, Andesri carved a niche for himself in the hearts of the Telugu people with his masterpieces. His lyrics are sung across the State and many of them were instrumental in the success of Telugu movies.

Unmindful of surroundings, people love to hum or sing his works at every possible function in this region. Several times, the Ministers too have sung his most famous song ‘Gala Gala Gajjalabandi’ written in praise of the glory of Warangal. Inspired by Nature, Andesri composes lyrics spontaneously, a rare gift endowed upon him.

The rustic life, its innocence, melancholic life, birds and trees occupy prominent place through which he strives to dig deep into the philosophy of human life. For most part of the life being unlettered, he could not record his thoughts which could have created a magnum opus. Learning to write in his later years, he composed several beautiful songs which are widely acclaimed.

Hailing from a poor family in Rebarthi village of Maddur mandal, in one of his songs Palle neeku Vandanamulammo he describes the beauty of his village in a nostalgic manner. The song is so emotional and reflects a true village life and one gets tears upon listening the song. In another song, drawing a comparison between a simple bird that builds its nest on edge of tree branch and great legends and warriors, Andesri leaves a message to the present day youth who shun hard work and simple living.

A balladeer himself, he never ceases to sing and appears more energised after every rendering carrying away the young and old alike with him into a trance.

People like Andesri enrich the lives of their contemporaries by their very existence.

Untouched by commercial glamour and independent to the core, Andesri demonstrates uncompromising commitment to the cherished values of life and art.

He mostly composes and sings on nature (prakruti) in Telugu with a touch of Telangana.

He can recite a poem without preparation on any subject. 

Honours and Awards:
A song, Maayamai Pothundamma Manishanavadu which was penned by him for the film Erra Samudram has inspired the University syllabus committee to include it in the Telugu second year graduation text books for the next academic year starting in 2009. This is the third song to feature in Telugu syllabi after Maa Telugu Thalliki and Telugu Jathi Manadi in the 77 years of Telugu cinema.

Kakatiya university conferred him an honorery doctorate for his contribution as a lyricist.

Nandi award for a Telugu film Ganga in the best lyrics category for the song Vellipotunnava 

The most popular songs are:

Telangana Anthem: Jayahe Jayahe Telangana... Janani Jaya Ketanam...

Palle neeku Vandanamulammo.....

Maayamai pOtunnadamma.. manishannavAdu.....

Gala Gala Gajjalabandi.....

Komma chekkite bommarA.. kolichi mokkithe ammara.....

Posted Date:19-03-2014
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