DC clip of Naidu displayed in AP assembly turns viral

YSRC leaders used a Deccan Chronicle clip of 25 years ago to buttress their argument

VIJAYAWADA: YSRC leaders used a Deccan Chronicle clip of 25 years ago to buttress their argument in favour of changing the name of Dr NTR University of Health Sciences to Dr University of Health Sciences in the AP Assembly on Wednesday.

They showed the clip on the screen in the house and it turned viral on social media platforms.

Minister for medical and health Vidadala Rajni introduced the bill in the assembly. Explaining about the character of Chandrababu Naidu vis-à-vis his dealings with father-in-law NT Rama Rao including his forcible snatching of the Telugu Desam party and power from NTR.

Minister Rajni showed the DC clip with the title, ‘Babu: We don’t need NTR’, published 25 years ago. Referring to the DC clip, she said that Naidu claimed there were no moral values in NTR and hence they “don’t need NTR.” She said that this reflected lack of both respect and dedication and here there is no right for TD leaders including Naidu to talk about NTR. She said, “Our leader and chief minister Jagan had a lot of respect and honour towards NTR. Jagan gave NTR name to the new district and hence he has the right to speak about NTR.”

Another video clip of the talks between Naidu and a vernacular channel chief Radha Krishna was also shown on the assembly screen. In this, Naidu spoke about removal of NTR’s name from welfare schemes and addressed his father-in-law in a disrespectful manner.

Minister Rajni quoting the video clip said that Naidu has no respect towards NTR and he and the other TD leaders were playing dramas vis-a-vis the name change.

Later, delivering concluding remarks, CM Jagan said, “Sister Rajni explained in detail about Naidu on the big screen with the clips.” He recalled that Naidu had worked to get awards for others. But Naidu never tried to recommend Bharat Ratna and other awards to NTR.”


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