TSCHE, universities plan to embed smart chips into certificates

Amid an increase in the fake certificate menace, the Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE)

Hyderabad: Amid an increase in the fake certificate menace, the Telangana State Council of Higher Education (TSCHE) and state universities are planning to embed smart chips into certificates.

The proposal of smart chips was tabled after many fake certificates came to the limelight in the recent past.

A few people are able to create fake certificates despite existing features such as unique code numbers, logos, watermarks, and paper thickness.

To address it, both TSCHE and state universities are gearing up to include smart chip features in the academic credentials of students of diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses, and certificate programs.

Online certificate verification

On November 18, TSCHE launched the Student Academic Verification Service (SAVS) which consists of around 20 lakh certificates for online verification.

SAVS which has two services, Instant, and Full Verification, will help employers in the verification of the academic credentials of employees.

It is also going to help universities in India and Abroad in checking the academic credentials of the candidates who seek admission in various courses.

The SAVS are also going to help law enforcement authorities in verifying the suspected certificates online.

Full certificate verification

For full certificate verification, employers and universities can submit soft copy of the certificates online.

The details will be physically verified with the records at the universities.

As it will be a paid service, employers or universities seeking verification need to pay a fee of Rs. 1500

As of now, the portal has information of the 25 lakh students who have completed graduation from 15 universities from 2010 to 2021.


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