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 It is here that the Goddess of knowledge Shri Qyana Saraswati has her abode Surrounded by serene mountains and thick lush green forests, Adilabad is sanctified by the penance and meditation of sages like Ved Vyas. The brilliance of nature is at its best with the Godavari Flowing majestically over the prehistoric topography of the Deccan plateau giving rise to beautiful waterfalls and wild life preserves.

Basara Temple: Sri Gyana Saraswathi temple at Basar on the banks of river Godavari is the only temple in South India dedicated to the Goddess of learning. The legend has it that after the Mahabharata war, sage Vyas embarked on a pilgrimage in search of peace. He reached the serene Kumaranchala hills on the banks of river.

Godavari and meditated and propitiated the Goddess who eventually appeared before him and granted her presence in the form of the divine trinity.

The Goddess ordered the sage to place three handful of sand at three places everyday. Miraculously these sand dunes transformed into the idols of the divine trinity ie, Saraswati, Lakshmir & Kali. These are the presiding deities of Basar today.

Despite the presence of the trinity, the temple is dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi. Children are brought here for the ceremony of Akshara puja to start their education with the blessings of the Goddess of knowledge.

The Vodavathi Sila, the Ashtdteerth are other places of interest around Basar. Thousands of devotees bathe in the Godavari & seek the blessings of the Goddess during the Mahasivarathri festival.

Vyas Purnima, Vasant Panchami, Dassera, Navarathri are the other festivals celebrated with gaiety.

Jainath Temple: This temple is situated in Jainath, a small village 21 Kms from Adi Id bad. A prakrit. Stone inscription with 20 slokas in the temple mentions that it was built by the Pallava chief. The temple has all the features of Jain style of temple architecture.

Therefore, the village obtained the name Jainath. The Laxmi Narayana Swami Bhramotsavam celebrated from Karthika Sudda Astami to Bahula Saptami (October-November) attracts a large number of devotees.

Pranahita Wildlife Sanctuary:Situated 35 Kms from Mancherial, the prehistoric topography of the Docean plateau comes alive with the sound of birds and animals at Pranahita wild life sanctuary. Spread over 136 sq. Kms of dry deciduous teak forests including 2.18 sq. Kms of reserve forest on the banks of river Pranahita, a tributary of the Godavari, the prehistoric rock formation makes a visit to this sanctuary all the more interesting.

The sanctuary is a treasure trove of fossils. Here the wild life watcher can see the Indian Porcupine along with the other animals like Nilgai, Sloth Boar, Tiger, Leopard, Forest Cat, Langur, Rhesus, Palm Civet, Indian Otter, Wild Dogs, Hyena & variety of birds including Brahminy Ducks, Teals, Strokes and Herons.

Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary: Kawal is situated 50 Kms from Mancherial and 70 Kms from Nirrnal. Amidst dry deciduous teak forests is the scenic Kawal wild life sanctuary spread over an area ol 893 sg. Kms. It is home for Barking Deer, Nilagai, Indian Bison, Panther, Cheetal.

Two watch towers are constructed at Donga pa My and Alinagar villages. Here the visitor is treated to some spectacular sunrise and sunset.

Sivaram Wildlife Sanctuary: Located 50 Kms from Mancherial, this reverie forest mixed with teak & terminalia spreads over 37 sq. Kms. Noted for the presence of Marsh Crocodiles in river Godavari, the forest harbours Tiger, Panther, Langur, Rhesus Monkey, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Cheetal, Sainbar, Nilgai & Python.

Nirmal Arts: Situated 50 Kms from Mancherial & 280 Kms from Hyderabad. Nirmal is an important town of the district. It is famous for its wooden toy industry. The fine glazed toys & paintings are known by the name of the town. The craftsmen use the locally available soft wood to carve brightly coloured life like replicas of vegetables, fruits, animals, dolls etc.

The nirmal paintings are world famous for their rich colour & variety. The town has a fort built by French engineers in the Nizam's service which has a number of guns.

Pochera Waterfalls: These waterfalls are situated 50 kms from Adilabad, 10 kms from Nirmal and 8 kms from Boath. The sounds of gushing water of Godavari amidst lush green forests draw the visitors to the breathtaking beauty of the Pochera waterfalls.

Small cascades flow down rocky slopes and fall down to a depth of 20 metres into a large opening in the rocks forming a pond. The river Godavari flows fast and wide here adding to the grandeur. Winter is the best season to view the spectacular beauty of Pochera waterfalls.

Kuntala Waterfalls:These waterfalls are located 12 Kms from Neredikonda village which is 22 Kms from Adilabad. At Kuntala, river Kadam falls freely from a height of 45 meters and rushes into deep jungles.

Kuntala, the highest waterfalls in the state, is a spectacular sight in full flow. The winter months are best to visit these falls when the river is in its full glory.

There is an idol of Lord Shiva near the waterfalls known as Someswara Swami. It can be reached through an opening in the rock. There is a large congregation of devotees on Mahashivarathri festival.

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