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Telangana Martyrs

Master Moses
About : Master Moses,Gunfoundary
Kumari D. Renuka
About : Kumari D. Renuka, Chaderghat
M.A. Rasheed, Chilkalguda
About : M.A. Rasheed, Chilkalguda
Rapole Krishna, Gowlipura
About : He was shot on 4 th June 1969 while he went to purchase cigarettes during his lunch interval at Kandhikalgate, Gowlipura.
K. Venkateshwar Rao, B.A, LL.B, Bhongir
About : He came to Hyderabad to see his family residing in Aliabad on 4 th June 1969 he stepped out of his house to call his children who were playing out side, unaware of the tense situation. Before he could able to reach the road, bullets hit him and fell ...
Erramada Bandi Narsi Reddy
About : while returning to his house with fodder for his bullock carts on 4 th June 1969, he became a victim to the bullets. After the death and events that followed, one is bound to believe that were not living in Democracy in Telangana, but in the reign of...
Teekaram, Doodh Bawli
About : He was killed on 3 rd June 1969 by police bullet while he was ironing the clothes, inside his shop. Teekaram was a washer man and on hearing the disturbances, though he had closed the shop, a bullet penetrates through the door and pierced into his ch...