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Sarva Reddy

The eldest son of Mr.Pasham Vengal Reddy of cherlapally, Mahaboob Nagar District, died in the same incident, in which Mr.Prakash Kumar involved incident of Jamai Osmania Railway Station on 28th March, 1969 He completed his P U C in Gadwal, Mahboob Nagar District and he was the student of B.E 4th year. He was eloquent speaker and good sportsmen. He left behind three younger brothers, two sisters and aged parents, to be mean his death. He was burnt in Jamai Osamania Railway Station and died in Gandhi Hospital, Secunderabad revealing the henious crimes of the police in his dying declaration. His last words were “Jai Telangana”. Mr.Sarva Reddy died but lives for ever, in the memory of the people of Telangana in general and his native village which was named after as” Sarva Reddy Nagar”. He was the spark for the revolution that engulfed in Gadwal area
On return, his friends had to force open his room. “He was found hanging. We immediately shifted him to the hospital where doctors pronounced him dead,” said Amarender, his roommate.
As the news spread, emotionally charged students began to assemble in large numbers at his hostel, Arts College and the hospital. The police rushed para-military units sealing the Tarnaka and NCC gate entry points.

The students prevented shifting of the body to the morgue for post-mortem. “First, announce that the body would be allowed to be taken to Gun Park at Assembly and then to the campus. Otherwise, there is no question of moving the body from here,” they argued.
The police resorted to mild lathi-charge when some students tried to take the body onto the main road. Some students staged a sit-in placing the body on the ground.

The impasse continued till 8.30 p.m. when State Human Rights Commission, responding to a petition from students, ordered that the nine-member OU committee constituted by it earlier take a decision.

Six panel members, led by the Commission's member Ismail, then decided to allow the funeral procession from the hospital to Gun Park at Assembly. The body was taken to Gun Park later.

Posted Date:26-12-2013
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