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Hyderabad Cops want to keep Hawkeye on cabs | Published: 6th December 2019 | Posted Date: Friday 6th December 2019 05:26 PM

Hyderabad: Hyderabad police commissioner Anjani Kumar on Thursday met representatives of 15 cab companies and instructed them on safety measures which have to be implemented to ensure the safety of women passengers.

Addressing the meeting, Mr Kumar said, “Any crime which happens in a public place creates more panic. It affects the entire community. The role of cab drivers is important in public safety and security. If any driver misbehaves, it will become news and will have an effect on the business apart from having grave consequences for him.”

He laid out the following measures to be taken for the safety and security of women while travelling in cabs:

Provide SOS button which is connected to the police Command Control Room, the Hawk Eye app and Dial 100, fix it in a visible place in the car.

Fix a digital sticker with information regarding Dial 100, 112, other SOS details.

Cab companies must verify the antecedents of the drivers before employing them.

Complaints and feedback given by the passengers should not be ignored but followed up meticulously.

Database of the driver should be maintained with their backend office.

Cab providers must have a mechanism to keep a check on where drivers go after parking their vehicles and what are they doing, to help with location in any case of emergency.

All cab operators should install the provisions of vehicle location tracking device and emergency buttons in vehicles.

Additional commissioner, traffic, Anil Kumar sought the co-operation of cab operators to bring more sense of safety and security to girls, women, sexual minorities and senior citizens and requested each operator to extend their contribution as social responsibility.


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