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COVID-19: Don’t panic and be careful, experts to elderly | Published: 25th March 2020 | Posted Date: Wednesday 25th March 2020 05:33 PM

Hyderabad: 52-year-old Shashikala of Trimulgherry was worried after she came to know about her neighbour’s son who had arrived from the US.

The family had taken necessary precautions to keep their son, who went to US to pursue Master of Science, in isolation in a separate room for 14 days in the wake of Covid-19, but still, Shashikala was worried.

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Like Shashikala, many elderly are worried about the situation, especially with television channels continuously flashing news on more new cases being reported and the posts being shared on WhatsApp as well.

Psychologists say elderly people, instead of getting worried, should stay normal and calm in their house.

As the best way to protect from the virus is staying indoors, it is not only the senior citizens but also everyone in the family must follow the safety measures listed out by the government, say psychologists.

“We see an increasing number of individuals suffering from heightened anxiety and exacerbation of symptom severity of psychological disorders during these times. The very nature of the situation also restricts them from seeking appropriate help. Everyone reacts differently to stressful situations,” said Baijesh Ramesh, Clinical Psychologist, Chetana Hospital, Secunderabad.



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